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Name:AidAim Software Country:United States Phone:+1-800-999-99-99 Homepage: Visit Homepage
AidAim Single File System 5.00 download by AidAim Software Stores files/folders in one OS file. Flexible on-the-fly compression. Transparent strong Rijndael encryption. > 4 GB files support. Borland and WinAPI OS functions compatibility. TFileStream interface. Recovering physically damaged files.
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AidAim SQLMemTable 8.00 download by AidAim Software SQLMemTable is a fast in-memory database system. Key features: no BDE, no dlls required, SQL support, BLOB compression, fast indexes, import/export, Unicode, comprehensive help.
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Accuracer Database System VCL 9.00 download by AidAim Software Accuracer is a compact, embedded, single-file, multi-user (file-server and client/server) cross-platform BDE replacement database with SQL support based on a new original BDE alternative database engine that supports the almost all TTable, TQuery, TDatabase, TSession, TBatchMove functions and provides some special ones to give you wide functionality and ease of use.
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