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Adaptive Security Analyzer download by Privacyware

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Description of Adaptive Security Analyzer
Adaptive Security Analyzer (ASA) is a flexible log and data analysis application that supports almost any type of structured data. In some cases, ASA includes pre-built (out-of-the-box) analytic models that are designed to work with a particular type of data, i.e. collected from a firewall device or specific operating system.

In cases where the data to be analyzed is not supported by a pre-built model, ASA provides a straight-forward set of features that enable a custom model to be rapidly created.

ASA includes pre-built models for specific data/device types. These are listed under the main Adaptive Security Analyzer MMC node. Custom Analysis can also be performed for devices and data for which no pre-built models are available.

Currently, ASA includes pre-built models in Syslog, .csv and .txt formats for data/logs generated from the following:
· Check Point Firewall-1
· Cisco PIX Firewall
· Microsoft ISA Sever
· Juniper/NetScreen Firewall

Custom Analysis can be performed using any ODBC compliant data source, including SQL, Oracle, etc. Please refer to the Custom Models Section of this manual for more information.

Adaptive Security Analyzer allows the expertise and methods of the security specialist to be modeled so that security data can be rapidly and effectively transformed into actionable intelligence.

Adaptive Security Analyzer is a data analysis software especially designed for security related data. It combines expert rules with concept-based artificial intelligence technology to empower network personnel challenged with monitoring and securing computing systems and managing compliance.

Adaptive Security Analyzer automatically forms contextual and conceptual associations between seemingly disparate event variables to emulate the cognitive and self-learning process of a human analyst.

In this way, ASA is able to pinpoint, categorize and prioritize (score) suspicious activity and/or prevent known and unknown system threats beyond the capacity of tools which rely solely on filtering, reporting, and statistic analysis.

Adaptive Security Analyzer sifts through massive volumes of logs to quickly reveal and prioritize the most critical events and advise users of the factors of highest influence to event classification.

Adaptive Security Analyzer supports XML, CSV, ASCII, MDB, SQL, Oracle, and ODBC compliant data source.

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