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Random Number Generator 7.5.0 download by Time Saving Apps

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Description of Random Number Generator
True to its name this phone number generator software generates numbers in random with aplomb. But this Random number generator is equally adept at generating numbers in sequence and doubles as an efficient sequential number generator. Tool allows the user to generate millions of random or sequential numbers within minutes and save them in .CSV (excel) files or .TXT (notepad) files. This tool boasts of enviable processing speed and can generate and save millions of numbers within minutes. Tool is extremely simple to use and users need few mouse clicks to generate both random and sequential numbers. There is slight difference in the process of generating numbers in random and sequence. To generate numbers in sequence users need to specify first and last number and click ‘Generate’ button whereas to generate random users have to specify total number of numbers also. Once numbers are generated they can be seamlessly saved in .CSV or .TXT format for intended use. This tool can be very useful for companies relying on SMS marketing and telemarketing to market their products. Such companies need large number of numbers for telemarketing and SMS marketing campaigns to maximize reach and this tool can help by providing thousands of numbers within minutes. This tool is very easy to download and is compatible with different windows platforms. key Feature It is a useful random number generator and can generate millions of numbers in random within minutes. It also doubles as a reliable sequence number generator and can generate millions of numbers sequentially within minutes. Generated phone numbers can be effortlessly saved in .CSV file (open in Excel) and .TXT format. Tool provides enviable processing speed and can generate millions of numbers within minutes. It has user friendly Interface.
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