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Name:Nicholas R Forystek Address:2122 Belmont LN #1 Country:United States Homepage: Visit Homepage
To-Doster 1.0.11 download by Nicholas R Forystek To-Doster is a very simple data application that was built for recording change control in software design.
Type:Freeware     Download
Blacklawn 1.0.0 download by Nicholas R Forystek Blacklawn is a unique game to say the least in innovation of out of the box thinking, it is about as basic as it gets on first sight. No illusion, you start on the lawn (as a winged bot in the XP version). Surrounded by black trial.
Type:Freeware     Download
MaxLand 1.0.0 download by Nicholas R Forystek MaxLand is a game of environment challenges. In a desolate unknown land you are the queen of a palace carved into the side of a mountain by chess pieces and must discover Earth, Win, Fire and Water.
Type:Freeware     Download