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Name:Wiering Software Country:Netherlands Homepage: Visit Homepage
Super Worms 1.62 download by Wiering Software Great 3D racing game by Wiering Software.
Type:Shareware     Download
Sint Nicolaas 1.5 download by Wiering Software Sint Nicolaas has been robbed! The thieves have taken his big sack full of presents and gingerbread cookies.
Type:Freeware     Download
Charlie II 3.10 download by Wiering Software Smooth scrolling platform game about a cute little duck. Collect coins and diamonds, jump on enemies and dive into the water to find hidden areas!
Type:Shareware     Download
Charlie the Duck 2.4 download by Wiering Software Smooth scrolling Mario-style action game about a cute duck. Help Charlie find his way through several exiting levels. Collect coins and diamonds and watch out for dangerous creatures. Dive into the water and discover secret areas!
Type:Shareware     Download