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AIB Artificial Intelligence Being 2003 2.0 download by Isomer Programming AIB Artificial Intelligence Being 2003 (C)Isomer Programming(TM) is an advanced chatterbot intended to be used as a desk assistant and for entertainment purposes. Aib begins as a simple executable program with blank data files (memory). Aib uses no preconfigured sentence structures or word databases. For Aib to learn and figure out what to say, he uses a ";Stream-Of-Consciousness"; logic base developed by Matthew Rodgers, founder of Isomer Programming.
Released: 06/23/2012;    Filesize: 68.4 MB;    Price: USD $0.00;
EulerGUI 1.10 / 1.11 Snapshot download by EulerGUI Development Tool EulerGUI is a lightweight IDE specially designed for Artificial Intelligence.

The sources can be N3, RDF, OWL, UML, eCore, plain XML or XSD, files or URL's. Wraps Drools (or CWM, FuXi) as N3 rules engines and provides a model based application generation.

Internally everything is expressed in the convergence language N3, that allows to express facts, classes and properties, and rules.

Price: USD $0.00;
Tags: EulerGUI, Develop, Artificial, Intelligence, Application, Development, Gui Download
Waffles 2011-12-6 download by Mike Gashler Waffles is a handy C++ development framework specially designed for researchers in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data mining.

The framework contains a class library of learning algorithms and other useful tools, and several demos that show how to build apps using the class library.

Price: USD $0.00;
Tags: Waffles, Framework, Development, Tool, Artificial, Intelligence, Develop Download
mini AI 1.0.0 download by RyPhone Software mini AI is designed to provide you with a lightweight artificial intelligence application that enables you to communicate with the computer.

mini AI will question you about your name, ask you whether you have a pet or not and more. It comes with a set of questions and chooses its answers depending on yours.

Price: USD $0.00;
Tags: Mini, Ai, Artificial, Intelligence, Computer, Communication, Talk, To, Pc, Communicate Download
iPuissance 4D
iPuissance 4D 6.12 download by Werner BEROUX You can also train yourself by playing against the computer (an artificial intelligence). Come and play against other players on the net; you can connect to our server and play against some real players for free. The internet players gain points (for the ranking), they can chat together (before and during the game), and you don't even need to register to play on-line. A high score page displays the best ...
Released: 08/05/2012;    Filesize: 7.5 MB;    Price: USD $0.00;
Tags: iPuissance 4D, Connect 4, Connect Four, Plot Four, Video, Game, on-line, Online, Free, Internet Download
Free orfej roulette system 1.0 download by Orfej Earn money with this free roulette system.STOCK CALCULATION + MATH + LOWEST RISK = ORFEJ ROULETTE SYSTEM This is artificial intelligence method in roulette system.Easy design and easy to use. STOCK CALCULATION + MATH + LOWEST RISK = ORFEJ ROULETTE SYSTEM This is artificial intelligence method in roulette system.Easy design and easy to use. The aim of developing this program was to create the synthesis between mathematical exactitude and ...
Released: 01/12/2005;    Price: USD $0.00;
Platforms: Windows, Windows 3.x, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows XP
Tags: Free Roulette System, Roulette System Download
Bible Max
Bible Max 2.5 download by A free tool that uses an artificial intelligence search engine, mutli-search modes, verse and topics guides and live maps. Create sermons, record custom verse lists and unlimited bookmarks. Export verses, maps and resources to Microsoft Word or to email.Customize your experience with a dozen themes, font size and type and layout of the screen. iPhone and Android ...
Released: 07/18/2010;    Filesize: 28.1 MB;    Price: USD $0.00;
Platforms: Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista
Tags: Bible, Niv, Study, Church, Kjv, Nasb, New, International, Version, Jesus Download
MSS Code Factory 1. 11. 3838 download by Mark Sobkow MSS Code Factory is a genetic expert system that achieves the level of artificial intelligence by producing an adaptation of it's own rule-based expert system technology for the specified business application model (the DNA of the new system.)

The process includes creating a customized General Expansion Language (GEL) syntax and grammar specific to the business knowledge domain.

In other words, the "intelligence" is it's ...
Released: 03/11/2012;    Filesize: 13.1 MB;    Price: USD $0.00;
Tags: XML translation, translate XML, XML translator, Translate, Translation, Translator Download
Yea Chess
Yea Chess 4.71 download by Drazen Beljan Yea Chess is a free chess-playing program that uses artificial intelligence and your computer's processing power to test your chess-playing ability at various skill levels. The program's interface is a chessboard with Game, Option, and Homepage file menus and control arrows for initiating moves along the bottom and numbers and letters along either axis. When you hover the cursor over your pieces, it takes the form of a pointing finger that ...
Released: 07/08/2012;    Filesize: 92.0 KB;    Price: USD $0.00;
Tags: Game, Play, Chess, Logic, Strategy Download
Kutkut Chatbot 0.2 Alpha download by Ashutosh Kumar Singh KutKut ChatBot is an easy to use program based on artificial intelligence, designed to chat with the user.

Just choose your bot, write the message and press Enter. The bot will respond to the messages you send. Additionally, there are some shell commands that you can use to give different instructions to KutKut ChatBot.

Price: USD $0.00;
Tags: Kutkut, Chatbot, Chat, Bot, Communication, Messenger Download
Bayesian Visual Cortex 0.1.5 PreAlpha download by Ben Rayfield Bayesian Visual Cortex was developed as a small, simple and Open Source paint tool where the canvas is the visual cortex of a simple kind of artificial intelligence.

You paint with the mouse into its dreams and it responds by changing what you painted gradually.

Price: USD $0.00;
Tags: Bayesian, Visual, Cortex, Java, Paint, Tool, Canvas Download
Hearts - Card Game
Hearts - Card Game 1.7.0 download by Eryod Soft Play to the famous card game Hearts on your Smartphone or Tablet for FREE !

In Hearts Game, you can play to the Hearts card game against three opponents simulated by an advanced artificial intelligence. It won't be easy to win !

- Great graphics, card animations for a more realistic gameplay.
- Competitive artificial intelligence opponents.
- Jack of diamonds variant of Hearts.
- HD display support.
- Several games options : player ...

Filesize: 6.4 MB;    Price: USD $0.00;
French Tarot - Free
French Tarot - Free 1.1.3 download by Eryod Soft *** PLAY TO FRENCH TAROT ON YOUR ANDROID SMARTPHONE OR TABLET FOR FREE ! ***Play to the popular French Tarot card game, against opponents simulated by an high-level artificial intelligence.All official rules are handled :
- Play at 4 players (3 or 5-Player games are available in the full version).
- Declare Handful.
- Declare Misere.
- Lead one trump to the last trick.
- Announce a slam.*** HD GRAPHICS ***Easy to use, the game is very ...
Filesize: 7.5 MB;    Price: USD $0.00;
Data Mining
Data Mining 2 download by NeoNeuro NeoNeuro Data Mining is convenient for helping students in understanding the following courses: artificial intelligence, machine learning, neural nets and numerical methods of data mining. Due to its strong logic and geometry learning skills, NeoNeuro Data Mining is designed for solving tasks in robotics. It is also recommended for analysis of non-structured data in medicine, finance, biology, ...
Released: 11/09/2015;    Filesize: 2.1 MB;    Price: USD $0.00;
Platforms: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista
Tags: Data, Mining, Machine, Learning, Artificial, Intelligence, Neural, Nets Download
Datashake desktop
Datashake desktop 1.0 download by Datashake Datashake is a desktop search interface solution that plugs into any existing desktop search software (e.g. X1-Yahoo, Google Desktop, MSN desktop tool-bar) and transforms the searching experience into a lightning fast visual process. Datashake's interface application will significantly change your desktop search experience as a result of the following innovations summarized below: A) The number of search results is limited and manageable by the user ...
Released: 04/01/2006;    Filesize: 2.2 MB;    Price: USD $0.00;
Platforms: Windows, Windows XP
Tags: Windows, Explorer, Free, Downloads, Free Stuff, Shareware, File Management, File Management Software, File Management System, File Management Utility Download
SciCraft for Windows
SciCraft for Windows 1.0 download by SciCraft is an open source data analysis software developed in Python which allows you to access advanced mathematical functions through an easy-to-use graphical interface. Typical methods can be anything from areas like statistics, chemometrics and artificial intelligence and from languages like Matlab/Octave and R. More and more methods will be supported by SciCraft as different [wiki:SciCraftManual#Workflows workflows] which handles them are developed.
Released: 05/16/2012;    Filesize: 184.0 MB;    Price: USD $0.00;
Tags: Data, Analysis, Function, Mathematics, Statistic, Matlab, Octave Download
Captcha Creator
Captcha Creator 1.00.00 download by Wap Gamer A CAPTCHA is a means of automatically generating new challenges which: * Current software is unable to solve accurately. * Most humans can solve * Does not rely on the type of CAPTCHA being new to the attacker. Although a checkbox "check here if you are not a bot" might serve to distinguish between humans and computers, it is not a CAPTCHA because it relies on the fact that an attacker has not spent effort to break that specific form. (Such 'check ...
Released: 06/01/2012;    Filesize: 12.0 KB;    Price: USD $0.00;
Tags: Random Image Captcha Creator Download
Antivirus AV Free
Antivirus AV Free 1.4 download by Nebula Freeware The most-trusted antivirus globally, protecting almost 200 million PCs, Macs, and Androids. Securing devices and data for 25 years, it’s now in over 40 languages (more than any other antivirus). Download avast! 2014 for free today! Its decisions are based on artificial intelligence that works inside the algorithm responsible for analyzing suspicious files. After 25 years of innovation, we’re the most-trusted security in the world, protecting more PCs, Macs, and Androids ...
Released: 11/03/2014;    Filesize: 84.6 MB;    Price: USD $0.00;
Platforms: Windows XP, Windows Vista
Tags: Antivirus, Antirootkit, Antispyware, Antimalware, anti-virus, Anti-Spyware, Anti-malware, Virus, Protection, Computer Download
KidSafeCam 1.0 download by Jongbel Media Solutions Ltd. KidSafeCam is a software product, which uses your home PC with a web-camera, to monitor danger zones at your home and to alarm whenever your child enters any of the danger places. Completely childproofing your home can be difficult. Whether you have a baby, toddler, or school-age child, your home should be a place, where your little one can explore safely. After all, touching, holding, climbing, and exploring are the activities that develop your ...
Released: 06/01/2017;    Filesize: 23.3 MB;    Price: USD $0.00;
Platforms: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista
Tags: Kid Child Safety Windows Webcamera Home Safety Download
Acronis Ransomware Protection
Acronis Ransomware Protection 2018.1340 download by Acronis, LLC Acronis Ransomware Protection is a free, lightweight version of Acronis proven, artificial intelligence-based anti-ransomware technology, which protects users against attacks from both known and unknown ransomware variants. Unlike traditional AV software options, Acronis Ransomware Protection monitors for suspicious activities in real-time, blocks detected processes, and allows users to recover any affected files from local cache. Based on our award-winning ...
Released: 01/30/2018;    Filesize: 19.7 MB;    Price: USD $0.00;
Platforms: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista
Tags: Anti-malware, Ransomware, Attack, Virus, Protection, Free, Locky, Osiris, What, Is Download