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Aarons Cliker 2.89 download by A. Powell

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  • (512k) - 25 s
  • (1Mb) - 13 s
  • (2Mb) - 07 s
  • (5Mb) - 03 s
  • (10Mb) - 02 s
Description of Aarons Cliker
An automated mouse clicker, give you fingers a rest and let Aarons Auto Cliker do the work for you. It has an inbuilt time delay to allow you to position the cursor before it automatically takes over. The application will remember previous settings and screen locations from its last use so you do not have to keep setting it up. Now has adjustable mouse down time and minutes added, also left/right button selection.
Tags:   Auto , Auto Mouse Clicker , Autoclicker , Cliker , Mouse , Mouse Clicker , Mouseclicker

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