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AdventNet SNMP Agent Toolkit 6.0.0 download by AdventNet

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Description of AdventNet SNMP Agent Toolkit
Most of the management systems are built from top to bottom either by SNMP,TL1 or HTTP.They leverage the specific facilities offered by the selected management protocol. For example,application server vendors are keen at SNMP for their management needs. Similarly TL1 is a man-machine management protocol deployed in broadband and access networks, including SONET networks. New technologies such as WDM and xDSL sometimes use the TL1 protocol for management of network equipment. But these emerging OEM/Application/Enterprise vendors are worried about the rising cost of software development and the bearing on each operating system and platform to be supported. This has forced them to look for productivity enhancing technologies. And in the current fast paced environment, it is not practical for most application developers to support multiple platforms and operating systems in a timely manner. A cross platform, standard compliant management solution is required to allow rapid development of agents, for their applications, making them suitable for network management. These needs are fulfilled by AdventNet Agent Toolkit Java Edition which provides the necessary infrastructure, with a comprehensive suite of Java based cross platform development tools, framework and APIs to be used across many operating systems, thus addressing the needs of fast paced environment for developing application/system management agents. It also offers investment proof and overall lower total cost of ownership including lower cost of development due to availability of skilled people and tools. The AdventNet Agent Toolkit Java Edition is a rapid prototyping and development tool used for building Java based Standalone SNMP and TL1 agents. It also supports building agents with multi-protocol access to common management information through SNMP, RMI, HTTP, CORBA and TL1. You just have to instrument once to access through multi-protocols.
Tags:   Agent , Agent Framework , Corba Adaptor , Multiprotocol , Multiprotocol Agent , Network Management , Rmi Adaptor , Snmp , Snmp Agent , Snmp Api

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