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Affinity 1.4 download by IOframe Software

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Description of Affinity
A program for displaying quotations, aphorisms, poems, and more on your desktop. Affinity is a very cool program, with a slick interface, support for styles, support for Unicode and more! Enjoy the smooth changing of words from one to another. Affinity is simple to use too. Everything can be configured with just a click or two. Affinity features the following: - Huge amount of content. Both paid and free collections include quotations, aphorism, proverbs, funny stories, poems and more. - Unicode support. The program natively supports "wide" symbols and you will not have any problems with displaying original Japanese haiku or aphorisms in Hebrew. - "Do not disturb" mode. Hides Affinity's window, when you point the mouse close to it. - Simple data format. If you have something that you want to show others - there is nothing easier! Creation of your own collection is not any harder than typing text in your favorite text editor. You can even sell your own databases on our server if desired. - Advanced system of styles. Allows you to create your own unique settings for entire text as well as for individual elements such as: signatures, headers, etc. - Semi-transparency effects. Smooth blending of phrases, looks great on any background - Update with one click. All updates are downloaded automatically from our server and do not require additional installation.
Tags:   Affinity , Aphorisms , Phrase , Phrases , Proverbs , Qoute On Table , Quotations , Quotations Databases , Quotations Program

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