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Agile.RTF Portable 3.1 download by Agile Components

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Description of Agile.RTF Portable
Enables any developer to convert documents from HTML to RTF and RTF to HTML or XHTML. It+oOeCOaos easy to create customizable HTML templates using merge fields, and then convert the resulting document to its RTF version for later delivery. Producing easily editable invoices or any other documents on any computer has never been easier! RTF format is fully supported by 100% of the Windows based operating systems and widely used on the alternatives.

Some suggested uses :

* Ideal for reporting and document generation.
* 100% windows users can read RTF with built in Wordpad.
* Import RTF content into your HTML website.
* Create viewers for RTF based documents

Key features :

* Bi-directional RTF and HTML conversions.
* Support RTF to XHTML conversion.
* HTML standard fully supported.
* RTF standard fully supported.
* Both HTML and RTF image support.
* HTML Css File supported.
* Capable of only converting part of an RTF file (header, content, footer or full).
* Customizable document properties including title, page orientation, size (A4, B5, Letter, +oOeCTZ).
* Automatic encoding selection, including Windows 1250 to 1258 and ISO 8859-1 to 8859-9.
* Default font can be configured.
* Unlimited nested table support.
* Table borders.

Tags:   Convert , Converter , Html , Html2rtf , Rtf , To , Xhtml

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