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ASP File Upload download by VersalSoft

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Description of ASP File Upload
A File Upload/Download ActiveX Control,HTTP File Upload Component is the best solution for your web sites to upload thousands of big files from a user machine to the web server via HTTP protocol. Support BreakPoint uploader, Don't worry about unreliable or slow connections. If an upload fails before completion, it is resumed from the point of failure so time and bandwidth are never wasted. HTTP File Upload Component with a user-friendly and easy-to-use uploading interface. You overcome the limitations of traditional form-based uploading. 1. Upload data use the standard HTTP format, support batch file upload. 2. Support BreakPoint uploader, Automatic BreakPoint uploader if an upload fails before completion, it is resumed from the point of failure so time and bandwidth are never wasted. 3. Control the pack size automatically accordding to the condition of network, avoid the bindwidth throttling. 4. Ability to specify a limitation for the total upload size, uploaded files count, single file size, and filters for the file types before an upload begins. 5. Ability to attach additional forms to the uploading data(input, select, and textarea fields). 6. A progress bar which indicates accurate information about the upload process. 7. Fires events for client-side VBScript, JavaScript and VB apps to handle. 8. Drag-and-drop support.Ability to add files by shortcut key Ctl+C Ctl+V 9. With File uploader,file transfer sizes can reach 5 GB with minimal server resources 10. You can set the save path dynamic in server side. Support network shares path. Ability to specify user, so can increase the safety 11. Support various proxy(HTTP, Socket4, Socket5 and so on) 12. Memory friendly even for huge number of uploaded files. 13. File Uploader is a smart component which developed in ATL/WTL, it independent of MFC library. The size of CAB only 123Kb, compress more small. 14. Ability to redirects a browser to another page upon completion of an upload
Tags:   Activex , Breakpoint Upload , File Upload , File Uploader , Image Upload , Image Uploader , Large File Upload , Universal Http File Uploader Activex , Upload , Uploader

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