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Avira AntiVir UNIX Professional 2.1.12-19 download by Avira GmbH

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Description of Avira AntiVir UNIX Professional
Avira AntiVir UNIX Professional is a superior antivirus solution, especially created to offer a virus-free Linux environment, for home and network users worldwide.

- Automatic updates of the virus signatures database and of the antivirus engine;
- Extensive Malware Recognition: aside from viruses, Trojans, backdoor programs, worms, etc., it detects Adware &
Spyware, double extension files and unusual runtime compression tools;
- On-access/on-close virus protection, employing the Dazuko kernel module on Linux platforms;
- Command line scanner (on-demand): configurable antivirus scanning for all known malware types;
- Extended protection against known or yet undiscovered viruses, due to advanced heuristics;
- Detailed reports, warnings and notifications (available for both admins and users);
- Enhanced protection against unknown boot-sector viruses, issuing alerts for boot sectors suspicious formats;
- Optional user-friendly graphic interface
- Professional services: the Avira license entitles you to virus definitions updates and product upgrades, access to
documentation, as well as standard technical support, offered by a team of skilled professionals.
- Compatible with 32-bit mode under 64-bit Linux systems including on-access scanning (UNIX).

It offers permanent antivirus protection by smoothly monitoring your system's active processes and blocking malware (all sorts of viruses, Trojans, backdoors, worms etc.) from damaging your most valuable data. You can make your own decisions and set the type of action to take on the infected files: isolate, disinfect, remove.

The Installation Kit comes fully featured but update service (FUSE) is disabled. To further benefit of update service (FUSE) you may acquire the appropriate commercial license (
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