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Basics for Visual Basic 1.00.14 download by M8 Software(UK)

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Description of Basics for Visual Basic
Basics for VB is a set of binary string and bit manipulation functions for VB5 / VB6. It contains the equivalent of DOS Basic's MKI$ CVI series for creating binary strings plus functions to check or set bits, to check or set bit fields and to check or set flags. There are also function to return the unsigned values of VB integer and long integers and functions to display byte, integer or long variables as a string of ones and zeros. The demo is a compiled program which demonstrates some of the functions in Basics.bas. Although its primary purpose is, obviously, to help sell Basics.bas, it is also a useful program in its own right. You can enter a number, as signed, as unsigned, as hex or by setting bits or by setting flags. Whichever you enter, the other representations update - Including any designated bit field. It can, therefore, be a useful tool not only for debugging but also for teaching.
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