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Binary Converter 1.0 download by Gigra LLC

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Description of Binary Converter
Binary Converter is a tool used for various applications in digital electronics to perform binary to decimal conversion and decimal to binary conversion. In digital computation, the binary numbers are the numeric codes to represent the decimal numbers. Whereas the decimal numbers are the numbers used in arithmetic calculations and which can be easily understandable by the humans. Binary numbers are used in digital circuits to perform the arithmetic and other operations. Therefore, binary to decimal and decimal to binary conversions become very important to perform the operation analysis in digital electronics. This calculator comprises of two converters namely binary to decimal converter and decimal to binary converter. To perform binary to decimal conversion, select binary to decimal in drop-down menu, enter the binary input and click on the button convert. To perform decimal to binary conversion, select decimal to binary in drop-down menu, enter the decimal input and click on the button convert.
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