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Binfer Transfer/Send Large Files Easily 2.2 download by GlobalSoftLink LLC

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Description of Binfer Transfer/Send Large Files Easily
Binfer is file transfer software for sending & receiving large files without uploading them on any servers. With Binfer you can:

- Send large files like HD video, pictures, documents, etc to anyone over the internet - Receive big files directly to your computer from anyone, via a web browser - Eliminate large email attachment issues - Eliminate the cost and complexity of FTP clients and servers - Transfer at super fast speeds - Preserve the privacy and confidentiality of your documents - Improve your productivity with the simplicity of email, power of FTP, and security of VPN Key Features:

- Direct computer to computer transfers with desktop application - Send from Binfer and receive on iPad, iPhone, Android, tablets etc (Web Pickup) - Receive files from your website directly to Binfer (Web Drop) - Drag and drop folders - Advanced reports - Send and receive from behind firewalls and NAT devices - View live transfer status - Private chat - AES 128 bit encryption - Auto resume of interrupted transfer - Files can be as large as your operating system allows - No malware or spyware - Customize with more than 20 skins - Works on Windows, Mac & Linux Binfer is very safe and secure

- Transfers are between connected contacts only - Files are not stored on our servers - Option to send encrypted transfers - Reports show detailed information of each transfer - Developed using Java ( one of the most secure programming languages) There is no other software in the world that makes the mundane job of sending and receiving large files so easy & fun. DOWNLOAD NOW and save time and money.

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