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Blowfish Advanced CS 2.57 download by Lasse Kolb

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Description of Blowfish Advanced CS
One powerful file encryption and security tool for the Windows platform. As the successor of highly successful BFA97, Blowfish Advanced CS offers a bunch of new and improved features which are:

* Algorithms: Blowfish, Twofish, AES, RC4, Triple-DES, Serpent, CAST
* Strong key support, handling and cryptographic implementations
* Fast: encrypts megabytes of file data per second on modern machines
* Data compression using LZSS, ZIP's deflate and BZIP2
* Secure wiping of files and clearing of empty disk space
* Comfortable and efficient user interface with built-in file browser
* Easy working with encrypted files
* Complete integration into Windows Explorer via shell extension
* Automation of daily routines by using job files
* Dozens of options to finetune the application for different purposes
* Small: fits on half of the space of a floppy disk!
* Trustworthy: the complete source code is available for review
* Quick language switch, German and English are supported
* Runs on all Win32 versions, from Windows 95 to Windows Server 2003
* Personal Edition without any restrictions!

Tags:   encryption security tool Secure BlowfishAdvancedCS

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