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Break Out Plus 1.03 download by Nine-Patch Multiple-Choice, Inc.

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Description of Break Out Plus
A Complete Multiple-Choice includes traditional (right answer only) scoring with a full item analysis and know/don’t know scoring all on the same test. It also checks for independent marking (cheating). Students mark what they know and don't know (omit). This removes the need to gamble which reduces the number of wrong marks and false right marks. Students receive an additional reward for accurately reporting what they know and don't know (in effect, scoring their own tests).

It turns passive pupils into active self-correcting learners. Student development is promoted. Students acquire the sense of responsibility needed to learn at higher levels of thinking. Their quality score tells them and the teacher how good they really are along with a traditional test score.

A Complete Multiple-Choice consists of software, support, and training. The software is tailored for both the teacher needing scores only for grades, Break Out Plus, and for the teacher needing feedback to fine tune an instructional system (instruction, learning, and testing), Power Up Plus (scoring and item analysis). The software requires little support other than manual data entry or import from scanner files.

Break Out Plus, freeware, helps break out of the grip traditional scoring has on multiple-choice tests. Students and/or teachers can elect either method of scoring. This makes for a low stress transition from one scoring method to the other. The student score and question difficulty matrix provides detailed information for student counseling. The tally analysis labels questions as Expected, Discriminating, Guessing, and Misconception with know/don't know scoring rather than just question difficulty. The average effective number of answer options is calculated to estimate an honest value for omit (don't know).

See for fully described printouts for Break Out Plus (the free scoring portion of Power Up Plus) and Power Up Plus.
Tags:   Cheat , Cheating , Choice , Consultant , Do Not Know , Higher , Judgment , Know , Knowledge , Levels Of Thinking

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