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cFos IPv6 Link Windows (x64 bit) 2.53 1132 download by Cfos Software

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Description of cFos IPv6 Link Windows (x64 bit) 2.53
Connectivity with the new IPv6 network cFos IPv6 Link allows dial-up with IPv6 for Windows x64. Install cFos IPv6 Link, configure the dial-up connection to your ISP and you're done! cFos IPv6 Link does not only connect to the new IPv6, but also configures the routing and IP and DNS addresses automatically. Under XP cFos IPv6 Link also maps IPv4-based DNS queries of IPv6 adresses. cFos IPv6 Link is fast. Like cFos Broadband Connect it achieves a much higher throughput than the PPPoE driver shipped with XP/Vista/7 (with a fast enough Internet connection). At load time cfos IPv6 Link performs an auto-detection of the connected network devices and switches into one of the following modes: * Router mode: If cfos IPv6 Link detects a router or DHCPv6 server it uses this device to route data to the Internet. * Dial-up mode: If cfos IPv6 Link detects a PPPoE node connected to the network card (e.g. via DSL) it establishes a PPP/PPPoE connection to the Internet provider either automatically or on demand. * Mixed mode: If cfos IPv6 Link detects an IPv4 DHCP Server attached to the network card (regardless of other IPv6 devices), it passes all IPv4 traffic through to this IPv4 Router. This allows simultaneous use of IPv4 and IPv6. Windows prefers IPv6 by first trying to resolve an address to an IPv6 address and only uses IPv4 if no IPv6 address is (yet) available. IPv4 is thereby a fallback for IPv6. Mixed mode is possible with routers that support "PPPoE Passthrough", e.g. Speedport. Then the IPv4 traffic travels as usual to the IPv4 provider, while IPv6 traffic travels via PPPoE to the IPv6 provider. The cFos IPv6 Link application was designed to provide IPv6 Connectivity for Windows x64. Features at a glance: * IPv6 dial-up driver for Windows * Automatic routing and address configuration * IPv4 IPv6 DNS mapping * DHCPv6 Stateful, Stateless, Prefix Delegation * High-speed, 10x faster than the Windows Vista driver * Configurable DHCP DUID * VLAN support
Tags:   Cfos , Ipv4 , Ipv4 To Ipv6 , Ipv6 , IPv6 connectivity , IPv6 link , x64 operating system

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