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Comodo SecureEmail 1.1 download by Comodo Group

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Description of Comodo SecureEmail
Comodo SecureEmail automatically secures your e-mail messages so that the message and its attachments cannot be intercepted, read or altered on its way through the Internet. The software encrypts and digitally signs the outgoing messages from the sender. Encrypting the message means that it can be deciphered and read only by the owner of the corresponding private key i.e. the intended recipient so that the confidential data from the sender cannot be stolen or modified on its way through the Internet. Digitally signing a message means that it proves to your recipient that the message came from you. In combination, these two assure the recipient that the received message and its attachments were not adulterated by anyone along the way. The software features a built-in wizard to easily download and setup a Comodo e-mail certificate for encryption and digital signing. If your contact (recipient) is a CSE user, you can easily import his/her public key for encrypting your message to him/her. The message can be decrypted only using his/her private key. If your contact is not a CSE user, single use or onetime session certificates will be used. The encrypted e-mail is then sent to your recipient. The recipient can decrypt and read the email by using the our easy-to-use Web reader service. This enables to encrypt the mail for anyone at anytime. Users will benefit from the security of their email while the application handles difficult or hard to remember processes such as public-key exchange. The software features full compatibility with Outlook, Thunderbird, Incredimail and many other POP, SMTP and IMAP based mail clients. Network administrators looking to implement total client-to-client email security may consider Comodo SecureEmail as a complement to gateway encryption applications which overlook the vulnerability of emails being exchanged within the network. Comodo SecureEmail like all Comodo desktop software, is free of charge for home and business users.
Tags:   Confidential , Digital Signing , Email Encryption , Email Secure , Encrypt , Online Encryption , Online Security , Secureemail , Security

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