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Data Backup Rx 1.0 download by Horizon DataSys Inc.

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Description of Data Backup Rx
Data Backup Rx is a continuous "Always ON" Data Protection solution. Once installed, It will continuously monitor your chosen files and back up any changes immediately. You can also decide whether to send the entire file or just the modified version. Data Backup Rx can also backup locked and open files. Data Backup Rx enhances your protection from data loss since it stores and automatically timestamps your data, silently in the background - to our remote data centers. The Data Backup Rx client software presents three simple steps to protection: select files, schedule backup, and backup now. The most popular method of selecting a file or folder is to right-click an item in Windows Explorer and select Protect with Data Backup Rx, but there's also a tree view within Data Backup Rx, a drag-and-drop interface, and options to help choose common folders and filetypes. Keep an unlimited version history of all your files roll back your books to last year's tax records if you wish... Data Backup Rx Online Backup keeps an unlimited version history of all of your files, letting you access any version of any file, at any time. Data Backup Rx uses a simple and efficient off site backup strategy - a combination of incremental differencing, compression and encryption. The file versions are incremental changes in data - therefore, only the change in data is the amount of online space used at our data centers.
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