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Disk analysis tool 2.4.8 download by Disk space usage windows

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Description of Disk analysis tool
Directory Size is the program in the field of disk space analysis. Being a multipurpose product, the disk analysis tool solves the whole complex of the problems connected with the studying of current disk space usage, the analysis of disk space distribution, the search of inefficient elements in the disk organization, etc. Directory Size works by a structural-functional principle. It means that in the window of the disk analysis tool each its element is created for the problem performance. Thus all these problems are interconnected and directed on overall aim achievement ? the analysis of disk space. These disk space usage windows form a program basis. It is better to work in them by a movement principle clockwise ? that is to execute one action, then another, then the third, etc. Thus, the results of these actions are summarized and yield the general result. For example, the bottom left window of the disk analysis tool allows to receive the general representation about the current disk situation, about the distribution of disk space between separate disks. Thanks to this the user can imagine how much place is free and occupied, whether the places are effectively distributed and whether it spends this place for nothing. Accordingly, other disk space usage windows allow to receive more concrete representation about the current state of affairs ? how the disk and folder structure is organized, how these folders are interconnected, what is their structural position, the size (both in percentage, and in megabytes), the share at the size of the folder of higher level, etc. Besides, one of disk space usage windows (bottom right one) gives the chance to present visually a current condition on the disk or in the analyzed folder. Special graphics, bars and pies are used for this purpose.
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