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Excel Dashboard 3.4 download by Excel Dashboard

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Description of Excel Dashboard
Excel Dashboard Designer is a very versatile tool for building Dashboards and reports for Microsoft Excel. # No coding or SQL knowledge needed to build Dashboards # Build Superior dashboards in minutes # Unlimited Charts, Reports,Drills and Parameters # Mix and merge multiple Excel Files Excel Dashboard Designer is here to save your valuable time. Assemble all the Excel files into one common Business dashboard. Impress your managers! Better than Excel Templates Excel Dashboard Designer is a far superior option to Excel Templates that look like dashboards Excel Templates have limitations and messy to work with. You have the Data,Controls and Presentations all built in the same Excel file. This does not confirm to modular design. Modular Dashboard Design With Excel Dashboard Designer you can keep your data seperate from the presentation layer. You have the liberty to change the data source or the data itself without disrupting the presentation. Put the Excel file in one central location and distribute only the Dashboard defintion Other features that Excel Dashboard provide are as follows * Auto-Refresh - Build the dashboard and set it on auto-refresh * Web Based Excel Dashboard - Put the Excel file on the webserver and connect it over http to Excel * Visual Development - Zero Coding or Macro Development Knowledge needed * Centralized Presentation - Excel data file on webserver or common file share Drive * Common Parameters for Dashboard Charts - Wire all objects in the dashboard together * Unlimited Drilling - Drill from Summary to Detail - No Coding needed * Build Speedometer, Gauges, Dials, Thermometer charts for your Excel Data * Other standard charts include, Bar,Pie,Stacked Bar, line, Bubble,Scatter, Polar, Waterfall and many more * Dashboard Mockups - Build Quick Prototypes or Mockups of dashboards
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