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Free ManageEngine Azure Performance Monitor Tool 1.0 download by ZOHO Corporation

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Description of Free ManageEngine Azure Performance Monitor Tool
The ManageEngine Free Azure Performance Monitor is a lightweight tool which helps system administrator, to view the performance of the Web and Worker Roles. This Tool makes connection with Windows Azure cloud environment and fetches performance metrics about Web/Worker Role instances and presents them as a visually elegant graphs and reports. If the user want to get a more detailed view of the graph, he can select the area where he want a detailed view. The graph is zoomed in to provide a more detailed view of the data collected. This tool monitors all the performance counters configured for the deployed Web / Worker Roles, with special preference given to the CPU Utilization counter and Memory Utilization Counter. This tool also monitors a set of preconfigured ASP.NET Counters like Application Restarts, Requests Queued and Worker Process Restarts and ASP.NET Application Counters like Errors Total and Requests/Sec. This tool also provides the set of Event Logs records that are generated by all the deployed applications. In a dashboard view, this tool presents the most popular counters with spectacular graphs. Next comes the set of well known ASP.NET counters and ASP.NET Applications counters. In the bottom layer this tool presents the Event Logs which are generated by the current Role Instance. If the data is unavailable, they are also shown. Click on the CPU Utilization or Memory Utilization to go the respective Counter graphs.
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