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FusionCharts for VB 1.0 download by InfoSoft Global (P) Ltd.

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Description of FusionCharts for VB
FusionCharts for VB is a charting component for Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0. It allows you to render interactive and animated charts in your Visual Basic applications. With the ability to render over 40 chart types spanning both 2D and 3D charts, it can render a pretty face to virtually any type of data that is otherwise boring. The best part is that you do not need to know anything about Adobe Flash to use FusionCharts for VB. We have devised the APIs for FusionCharts for VB in such a way that all you need to know is VB - and nothing more! The API allows you to convert data stored in your databases, CSV data files or even plain arrays to stunning charts. FusionCharts for VB is powered by FusionCharts v3, the industry leader in Flash Charting component. However, FusionCharts v3 is programmed to accept only XML data. We've made FusionCharts for VB a step easier by concealing the XML intricacies behind a well designed VB API. As such, using FusionCharts for VB, you can create outstanding charts even if you are completely new to XML. It enables you to use various methods to provide data to the charts. Features: * Animated and interactive Flash charts in your VB forms * Simple VB API to embed these charts in your forms * Charts driven using data from databases, CSV files or plain arrays * Drill down charts; Each data point in the chart can act as a hotspot which generates VB events * Charts that can be print and saved as images; Also returns StdPicture object of chart image * Conceals all XML intricacies (that power FusionCharts v3) from your development

Tags:   Basic , Charting , Charts , Component , Control , Graphs , Vb , Visual , Visualization

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