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Halftone 2.0 download by VanDerLee

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Description of Halftone
Halftone patterns made easy. With the Halftone plug-in, you can apply perfect halftone dots, tightly aligned to a grid. Use Halftone for pre-press work or use any of it's features to create artistic work. Halftone uses it's own way to generate the patterns and dots. This allows Halftone to render very precise results. Using fully correct 2D models for all the shapes, enables a number of features not found in other plug-ins. Almost everything in Halftone can be changed. From simple things like changing the color of the dots to deforming the grid alignment in a number of different ways. You can use custom shapes, user-created pictures that can be used as shapes. You can precisely control size and scale. Some of the effects can even be randomized for an even more life-like look. Twist and turn the alignment of the pattern in a number of different ways. For serious users, Halftone can scale and place the dots between pixels for top results. Halftone draws smooth, anti-aliassed edges for all the built-in shapes. The custom shapes are also processed in a way that makes them look smooth. All this in 16-bit color depth for those who need it. Use Halftone to create anything from plain and simple to weird. If you can imagine it, Halftone will do it! Halftone lets you displace the dots in wavy patterns. Starting from a straight grid, you can apply a number of effects that change the place of the dots. With a little effort, you can make beautiful animations. One of the best features of Halftone are the custom shapes. You can take any image and turn it into a shape that can be used with Halftone. With these custom shapes, you can do new and exciting effects. - Rotate shapes and the entire grid. - Many ways to deform the grid. - Make your own shapes from a bitmap. - precise scaling using Lines-per-Inch and Dots-per-Inch settings. - Support for 16-bit per channel color modes. - Preview is always correct. - Highly precise drawing of dots and grid.
Tags:   Alias , Anti , Cmyk , Color , Desktop , Dither , Dot , Dots , Form , Half

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