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Description of Haunted Factory Audio Game
In the “Haunted Factory” you play the role of a vivid worker in a mysterious factory. Your job is to put packets on an assembly line and group them according to a few specific rules. This work is pretty easy at the very beginning, but then you will have to show your good spatial memory, logic thinking and instant reaction. Your sharp mind would be your strength here, especially when you have to sort packets from distant China or do some overdue job, which was supposed to be done the day before. If you add to that a nasty foreman, who is just waiting to give you a hard time and rush you to work, the situation can get even worse. However, nobody said that the work in this factory would be a piece of cake. Luckily, it’s not a usual factory. You’ll meet a friendly and a bit crazy ghost. Bob is his name and he knows a whole bunch of funny stories, which will cheer you up even after meeting the grotty foreman. The entire game is kept in a harsh industrial atmosphere, both the foreman and the ghost talk to the player as if they were addressing a worker. The whole setting is also rounded up by various carefully chosen audio backgrounds, which enable the player to feel like in a real workshop. In the full version you also get: eleven game modes, which the player discovers while gaining experience in the game; the opportunity to compete and have fun with your whole family and friends; a local high score list for every game mode; the possibility to challenge players from entire world thanks to the high scores lists on our website; two nicknames, which you can use to sign your best scores in the high score lists on our website; a whole bunch of funny stories told by the ghost, which will almost surely make your game even more pleasant; the possibility to listen to your own music files while you are playing Haunted Factory. The authors are sure that all these attractions will give you the opportunity to have a really good fun for a very long time.
Tags:   Accessible Game , Audio Book , Audio Game , Audiogame , Audiogames , Board Game , Bob , Cards , Children , Foreman

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