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Hind 2000 1.2.0 download by Chime Softwares Ltd

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Description of Hind 2000
Hind 2000 is a feature-rich email client that lets you send and receive emails in three languages: English, Gujarati and Hindi.

The easiest part is that to type words in Hindi / Gujarati, just spell them out phonetically, the same way that the names of Hindi Films are written in English : MAINE PYAAR KIYA, DIL TO PAAGAL HAI, JAB JAB PHOOL KHILE.

Want to type 'MERA BHAARAT MAHAAN' in English, see it instantly get converted into Hindi and email it to a friend ? Or even take a printout ? Sure, you can do all of that in Hind 2000 and much more.

In addition, the software offers users the ability to attach various files to their e-mail messages.

Tags:   Hind , Hindi , Language , Mail , Receive , Send

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