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Image comparison 3.8.1 download by Compare digital audio

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Description of Image comparison
Probably, many of you have faced such not palatable problem as duplicate files. This problem is especially unpleasant if to consider how much additional disk space is spent for these duplicate files. We will remind that duplicate files are the copies of files which are already present on a disk. They don-t bring advantages, but they take much additional place. The problem to search and find duplicate files becomes complicated because of duplicate files have other name which is different from original-s name. It-s easily to work with duplicate files if to take advantage of possibilities of such program as Clone Remover. The program has the convenient interface and the work in the image comparison utility is under construction by the principle of dialogue windows which replace in the compare digital audio tool each other. All process in the program for image comparison is under construction on the basis of several consecutive steps. Firstly, definition of search criteria ' what files and where to search. In program Clone Remover it is possible to search for exact duplicates, files with zero size, empty files and some other types. It is possible to search for duplicate files in such directories as folders, archives, network disks and i-Tunes. It is necessary to remember that time of search depends on the size of directory and prospective quantity of files. Secondly, automatically process of search of duplicate files. It passes without user-s participation in the compare digital audio utility. Thirdly, the choice of the found duplicate files for removal. You can choose the found duplicate files both all and some of them. Fourthly, the removal of duplicate files. Actually, besides the removal in the program you can copy files, move to a special folder or delete them to the Recycle Bin.
Tags:   Compare Digital Audio , Image Comparison

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