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iMagic Inventory Software 5.28 download by iMagic

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Description of iMagic Inventory Software
Does Automating Inventory Management Really Work? An In-Depth Look at iMagic Inventory Software Why automate your inventory management? Here are the top benefits when you choose to do so with iMagic Inventory Software: Never Miss Reordering Let's face it, you can't always remember what needs to be ordered and when. You might miss a product now and then. Instead of losing out on sales because certain items are out of stock, simply use the automatic reordering feature in iMagic's inventory control software. Just set the stock level you want to reorder at and the inventory control software will handle the rest, auto-generating vendor reorders when stock levels get low. Get Insights into What Sells Enjoy interactive reporting with the iMagic inventory management software. Rather than wasting valuable space on stock that's not selling, you can see at a click of a button the unpopular stock and replace it with stock that sells better. Find the best balance for your inventory. Track Items with Ease You want to track your stock but don't have a lot of time in the day to do it. That's another way that iMagic inventory software comes in handy. Simply turn on the Item Tracking feature to automatically track the whereabouts of individual items around your system. Easy! Manage your business inventory better than ever with iMagic Inventory Software. Learn about additional features and try it out for yourself with a free trial demo program today.
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