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Indywiki download by Markos Gogoulos

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Description of Indywiki
Indywiki is an open source project that aims to explore different ways of visually browsing wikipedia pages. Browsing can be done through images, while the text is still available to read. Indywiki discovers and displays images that are the most related links to our search keyword. Images are displayed in tenths.

So if you are searching for a city as an example, after you get all images displayed on the Wikipedia page about this city, you'll start getting links about related items (that might be other cities in this country, personalities and culture of this city and practically everything related, the more you keep on getting images.)

Indywiki achieves this by taking under consideration
+eTE Articles that link to your article
+eTE Articles that are linked from your article
+eTE Categories to which your article and also all articles on previous sections belong to.

All links get a score, that increases if a link is at the first two categories, or if it belongs to one or more categories as your article. After Indywiki has discovered the related articles, it parses them and fetches their first image, in case they have one. Usually the first image is the most representative of an article. Now you can continue the search for as long as you like!

Tags:   Browse , Search , visual browsing , Wikipedia , Wikipedia browsing , Wikipedia image