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jalada Hopper's Game 1.2.1 download by jalada GmbH

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Description of jalada Hopper's Game
jalada Hopper's Game is waiting for you not just at Easter, so get ready for an exciting action-packed adventure through amazing mazes. Look up on the screen. Who's zipping around the maze at top speed, chomping up enemies and scoring big points? It is Hopper, the new hero in town. Fighting his way through maze after maze. Hopper is in search of the next snack. As he loves candies, Hopper roams the maze searching for tasty candies while evil opponents attempt to foil his plan. As he munches Power-Eggs, he is instantly transformed into a super strong power rabbit, able to smash through enemies and save the day. jalada Hopper's Game features simple controls and exciting action. Listen to the delightful sounds and enjoy the wide array of eye-catching graphics. Competition will be challenging as you try to escape from opponents and set a new high score. Once you're in a bonus round, you can chase enemies and try to collect lots of points very quickly. The higher your score, the greater your chances of ending up on a top score list. Everything is made to envelop you in a exciting universe, perfect for beginners and experts alike. *** Special Features *** + Thrilling fast-paced action + Super challenging mazes and sneaky opponents + Colorful graphics and exciting sound effects + Supports touch screen and mouse/keyboard controls + Very simple to learn + Non-stop, high-scoring fun for everyone in many amazing mazes + Perfect for beginners and experts alike
Tags:   Action , Adventure , Arcade , Computer , Download , Free , Game , Man , Maze , Pac

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