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JFrameBuilder 3.3.1 download by Mars Microsystems Company

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Description of JFrameBuilder
JFrameBuilder is an easy-to-use visual Java GUI Builder for Java Swing applications. It provides the application GUI solution for Java developers. The Java GUI designer enables Java developers to create sophisticated GUI applications using drag-and-drop interface without spending a lot of time writing code. Features: - What you see is truly what you get. - Generates human readable Java code. - Generated Java code doesn't require any additional library to compile and run. - Retrieves GUI design from Java source code. - Sets component properties and event handling methods with easy understandable interface. - Supports 4 kinds of layout manager for the JPanel. - Ability to set Look&Feel at any time. JFrameBuilder supports these components: JFrame, JInternalFrame, JDialog, JSplitPane, JScrollPane, JTabbedPane, JPanel, JSeparator, JProgressBar, JSlider, JSpinner, JTree, JTable, JList, JComboBox, JTextPane, JEditorPane, JTextArea, JPasswordField, JTextField, JLabel, JCheckBox, JRadioButton, JToggleButton, JButton.
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