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Kiwi Syslog Generator 2.1 download by Kiwi Enterprises

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Description of Kiwi Syslog Generator
A Free Windows Syslog message generator which sends Unix type Syslog messages created from the GUI to any PC or Unix Syslog Daemon. Excellent for testing your Kiwi Syslog Daemon or other Syslog Daemon setup and diagnose communication problems. Supports TCP syslog messages for emulating PIX firewall messages. Features include a GUI interface, fast and simple to operate, free to use for as long as you like, able to fully test your syslog daemon setup, can create RFC 3164 compliant message headers.
Tags:   Network Utilities , Syslog Daemon , Syslog Message Generator , Tcp Syslog Messages , Unix Type Syslog Messages

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