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KlustaKwik 1.0 download by Ken Harris

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Description of KlustaKwik
KlustaKwik was developed as a Command Line-based program for unsupervised classification of multidimensional continuous data.

KlustaKwik is a Java software that arose from a specific need - automatic sorting of neuronal action potential waveform, but works for any type of data.

A tool that could do the following was needed:
· Fit a mixture of Gaussians with unconstrained covariance matrices
· Automatically choose the number of mixture components
· Be robust against noise
· Reduce the problem of local minima
· Run fast on large data sets (up to 100000 points, 48 dimensions)

Speed in particular was essential. KlustaKwik is based on the CEM algorithm of Celeux and Govaert (which is faster than the standard EM algorithm), and also uses several tricks to improve execution speed while maintaining good performance.

Tags:   Classification , Data , KlustaKwik , Sort , Sorter , Spike