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LimeWire EZ Booster 2.6.0 download by EZ Boosters

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  • (512k) - 03 m 14 s
  • (1Mb) - 01 m 37 s
  • (2Mb) - 49 s
  • (5Mb) - 20 s
  • (10Mb) - 10 s
Description of LimeWire EZ Booster
If you are using LimeWire client then why not get the best of it - LimeWire Ez Booster helps you do just that. This amazing application is designed to retrieve all the loss occurring when using file-sharing network in the process of download. It proposes a both futurist-looking and easy-to-operate interface. LimeWire Ez Booster is compatible with all versions of LimeWire (such as LimeWire 4.8, 4.9 and 4.10) and can be used with all connection types such as a 56k dialup modem or a broadband connection.
Tags:   Accelerator , add-on , Booster , Download , Faster Limewire , Limewire , Limewire Booster , plug-in , Speed Up Limewire

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