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Make Your Own Browser 3-09-09 1.0 download by Big Bad Browser

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Description of Make Your Own Browser 3-09-09
Make Your Own Browser lets you configure your own web browser with the options you want. If you want to change the name, icons, colors, or links, you have the power. And, it doesn't take an experienced programmer to do it. You can build a browser in just a few minutes! While many good browsers exist, none of them are yours! They belong to another person, company, or organization. Well, believe it or not, you can have your own browser, too! It doesn't take years of programming or lots of money. With Make Your Own Browser, you have what you need to make your own browser today. You can make a browser for your website (e.g. SomeWebsite Browser), your family (e.g. SmithFamily Browser), your website ( Browser), or your business (SomeBrowser, Inc. Browser). You can keep in touch with your browser in a way that is just not possible with other browsers. With Make Your Own Browser, you can make as many changes as you want. It is all free and the only limitation is the time you want to spend. There is no huge learning curve to get started. You can make changes immediately with your browser. All changes are made in simple text files, with easy to understand tags. There are no complicated structures, relationships, nor operators here. There are so many ways to make your own browser. You can have different kinds of navigation buttons. You can create your own session files. This is great when for sharing a lot of related websites, but don't want to add them to favorites (to prevent clutter). You can add the search engines you want with simple editing of a text file. You can tell your browser to send website updates to your users. You are not limited to making just one browser. Make as many as you like. If you want one for family/friends, another for your website, and another your business, or your employer, there is no limitation. Who knows? While you know how easy it is to make your own browser, others may want you to make one for them, too!

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