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Maxtax Steuersparen 2010 Starter - free 14.51 download by eurowin, Inc.

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Description of Maxtax Steuersparen 2010 Starter - free
With MAXTAX tax savings 2010 to make your income tax 2001-2008 - including all income, forms and statements quickly and securely. Clear program structure with easy to understand dialogs and input subsidies. Turnover and Pre-declaration and advance income tax return, preparation and calculation of the tax declaration, Single and separate identification. Tax case management from the assessment period of 2001 possible, convenient data management including acquisition in all VZ (assessment periods) and types of taxes, simply filling out tax forms on the screen, optionally with assistants and / or 5 minutes Mode; useful additional features such as: depreciation calculator, salary calculation , cash book, travel journal, travel expense, I / O statement, Riester computer, building depreciation (รง 7 Income Tax Act), tax deadline administrators, comfortable word, field-related assistance, call the exact line guide to income tax in an easily understandable way (without "Chinese tax" ), tax assistance, tax analysis, collection of tax changes including full text search; ELSTER-decision data with repossession and automatic testing decision, "what-if" calculation; tax forecast (up to 4 years extrapolation) and the following year analysis, many additional forms such as Work rooms, travel costs, training costs, etc. Complete or selective data transfer from or in previous years (s) of: MAXTAX 1995-2008 (all versions), FOCUS-MONEY Tax (all versions), Konz-tax (all versions), n-tv tax (all versions), BZ Tax (all versions), Berliner Kurier tax savings (all versions), Quick & Easy Tax (all versions) tax savings, tax savings, tax savings, tax savings (all versions for Penny, Plus, Netto, Norma, etc. 2000-2008) and ELSTER Tax Form . Alternatively, the tax officially printed or online via ELSTER be.
Tags:   ELSTER , ELSTER interface , free tax software , Income Tax , MAXTAX , MAXTAX tax savings , tax returns , tax savings , tax savings statement , Tax Software

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