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MITCalc Shells 1.13 download by MITCalc

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Description of MITCalc Shells
The calculation concerns solutions of pressure vessels and their components. The calculation solves deformations and curves of stress in rotational shells loaded with axial force, pressure, radial force and a bending moment. This program is intended for homogeneous shells of identical thickness and a single material. The calculation also enables solutions for connecting two shells of different parameters (thickness, material, dimensions...). The program enables: - Calculation of cylindrical, conical and spherical thin-wall shells. - Calculation of a cylindrical and spherical thick-wall shells. - Calculation of a round plate. - Selection of various loading methods (joint, force, moment, rotational, load with fluid...). - Calculation of deformation, radial shift, moment and stress in any point. - Visualisation of charts with curves of the calculated values. The calculation uses the data, procedures, algorithms and information from the professional literature (Roark formulas, Machinery's Handbook 26th, Teorie desek a skorepin [doc. Ing. Ladislav Subrt, CSc.] and others)
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