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MoneyToys Pay Down Debt or Invest 1.9 download by Wheatworks Software, LLC

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Description of MoneyToys Pay Down Debt or Invest
MoneyToys Pay Down Debt or Invest Web Site Calculator adds value to your web site and helps your visitors determine the future effects of an investment compared to the future effects of using funds to pay down a current debt. Answers the question, 'Should I invest it or use it to pay off something I already owe?' Easily added to your web site with a few lines of HTML and MoneyToys financial calculator for your web site. MoneyToys web site calculators make it easy for you to install financial calculators on your web site! With a few lines of HTML and MoneyToys website calculators you can quickly add online interactivity to your web site! Put MoneyToys calculators on your web site and your visitors can perform financial calculations without leaving your site! MoneyToys online financial calculators are designed to give webmasters a simple way to add instant interactivity to a web site by providing financial calculator applets which are easily added to a web site. Installation is easy! Copy the online calculator to the appropriate directory on your web server and add the HTML code to your web page. That's all it takes! You can set your own initial values for the calculators and you can make the colors match YOUR site! Includes step-by-step installation instructions and three sample web pages with cut-and-paste code for your web pages. Included in the growing collection of MoneyToys online finencial calculators are a Simple Loan Calculator, a Biweekly Payment Calculator, a Very Simple Loan Calculator, a APR Calculator, a Closing Costs Calculator, a Home Seller's Proceeds, a Refinancing Calculator, a Rent or Buy Calculator, a Loan Spread Calculator, a Cash Flows Calculator, a Future Value Calculator, a Pay Down or Invest Calculator, a Loan Comparison Calculator.
Tags:   Debt Calculator , Debt Reduction , Interest , Invest , Online Calculator , Payment , Period , Rate , Term

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