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My Beat Creator 2.10 download by JCI Software

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Description of My Beat Creator
My Beat Creator is a free programmable beat maker/drum machine.

Also Available
My Beat Creator Pro.
An ad free version of My Beat Creator with a SoundBoard so you can select 16 beats to play one after another!
Create your beats simply by pressing, to turn on, any of the small blue buttons in each of the 6 channels, 4/4 beats. Adjust the tempo of the beat and press play! It really is that simple.
While the beat is playing try turning on or off buttons to change the beat.
The red lights at the top of the screen flash, individually, when each beat in that column is being be played.
To stop the beat playing just press stop.You can now change the sound of each channel and there are 38 different sounds to choose from (you play each one before choosing by pressing and holding the sound until the 'Play' option appears):
*10 Hi hats.
*10 Bass drums.
*5 Conga drums.
*10 Snare drums.
*3 Clap sounds.=== Adjust the tempo ===
Adjusting the tempo can be done only when your music beat is not playing. Simply slide the tempo slider left to slow down the tempo or right to speed it up.=== Saving a beat ===
When you've created your master piece you can save it to play again later. Press the menu button and then save. You will then be prompted to enter a beat name to save the beat as. Press OK and the beat will be saved.=== Loading a beat ===
To load a beat you saved before press the menu button, then press Load/Delete. This will display the beat loading screen. Simply press the beat you wish to load and it will load!=== Delete a beat ===
To delete a beat you no longer want simply press the menu button and then press Load/Delete. This will display the beat loading screen. To delete press and hold the beat you wish to delete until a popup menu appears. Now press delete and the beat will be deleted.=== Rename a beat ===
To rename a beat simply press the menu button and then press Load/Delete. This displays the beat loading screen. To rename press and hold the beat you wish to rename until a popup menu appears. Now press rename and you will be prompted to enter a new beat name. Press OK and it will be renamed!**Please Note: While the beat is playing scrolling the grid of beat buttons make cause the playback to waver slightly of beat. As soon as it*s scrolled it will get back on beat. Also, if there are any other apps running in the background then this could also affect the playback, e.g. incoming text message. Apologies for this but it*s a phone, after all, and it because of this it is limited by how fast the phone runs.
If you have any problems, ideas, suggestions or comments just let me know!Enjoy!

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