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My IP Helper 4.2 download by MyIPHelper, LLC.

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Description of My IP Helper
What Do You Stand To Gain With MyIPHelper? Before you purchase any tool, it only makes sense that you first make sure the benefits and value at least match the price. For MyIPHelper we took it a step further, making sure the benefits and value outweigh the price completely. Check out what you stand to gain with this cool tool! It Saves You Time We all know time is money. If you are someone that usually visits "What Is My IP Address" sites to find your IP address, this tool will save you a lot of time. You don't have to visit such sites over and over to know your current IP address, MYIPHelper displays your current IP address on your desktop. It can even be configured to refresh at predetermined intervals, that way it shows you a current IP address always. It's Easy To Use We understand that no matter how cool a tool is, if you can't figure it out easily it becomes useless. So for MYIPHelper we created an easy to use interface that does not take a tech genius to figure out. We also provide a detailed help section to help you get a good understanding of how to get the best value from this reliable IP monitoring software. Detailed IP Information Most resources online only provide you with your external IP address, MyIPHelper provides you with both your internal and external IP addresses always. Email Notification - Know When Your IP Address Changes Most ISPs use dynamic IP addresses that keep changing every now and then. MyIPHelper offers an easy to configure email notification feature that alerts you to changes in your IP address always so you know what your IP address is at all times without stress. Detailed Access To IP History One of the cool features of this software is the IP Log. Most tools and resources online don't have this feature. MyIPHelper keeps a record of your past and present IP addresses with dates for security and reference purposes. Defend Yourself Against False Accusations If for any reason you get accused of visiting an illegal site or

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