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Prime Time: Math Adventure 1.8 download by Whirled Games

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Description of Prime Time: Math Adventure
Prime Time: Math Adventure is a math-based puzzle game that is actually FUN! There are many math-based games on the market, but few engage the student. Prime Time provides the benefits of educational software in a package enjoyable for both students and gamers. While the material targets grades 3 through 7, children and adults of all ages find it entertaining. This demo allows you to experience the core gameplay, but nothing more. The full version contains much more content, learning assistance tools, and multiplayer support. The goal of Prime Time is to reach as many schools and homes as possible to help students have more fun learning math. The price has been set very low and the minimum computer requirements are very low end so that people won't be held back from trying it out. Prime Time offers different play modes that allow the program to be modified to fit different skill and grade levels. Prime Time's features include: * 8 difficulty levels that allow the software to be tailored to the user's mathematics acumen. * 4 different play types that provide exercise in skills like strategy or quick thinking in addition to math. * For the first time in educational software, the ability for students to compete on-line against students all over the world is available. Working off the successful Tetris model, the basic mode in Prime Time: Math Adventure is appropriately named Prime Time. In this mode blocks containing numbers constantly ascend the screen. The student must select blocks which represent factors of the product numbers on the screen. Prime Time exemplifies the fundamental theorem of arithmetic, also called the unique factorization theorem, which states that every positive non-prime integer can be written as a unique product of primes. As the student continues on the numbers will grow larger more complex forcing the student to think aggressively about which multiples will work to keep the screen clear.
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