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Psychic Pet Control DSPP 1.0 download by ClydeSight Productions

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Description of Psychic Pet Control DSPP
Demo version of Psychic Pet Control Subliminal Program - easy to use VISUAL Subliminal Perception Program to enhance your psychic ability to manage your pet's behavior. WIN/MAC Psychic Pet Control Digital Subliminal Perception Program taps into the recesses of your unconscious mind and opens you to the possibilities and activation of your own natural psychic ability as a form of communicating with your pet. This isn't "hocus-pocus." It is a completely natural form of communication that goes beyond words. Animals don't communicate with words, but with feelings, body language, instinct and perhaps, psychically. When you attune your psychic ability and mentally focus on a desired behavior, your pet can pick up on it and "know" what you want and expect. The program goes further and activates your unconscious mind to be more observant of your pet. A lot of unwanted pet behavior is the result of a pet trying to communicate a need. Many times these needs are perfectly reasonable. Unless we are observant and attuned, we miss the point, frustrating ourselves and our pets. Psychic Pet Control DSPP improves your unconscious powers of observation so you better understand what you pet is trying to tell you. By understanding and meeting your pet's needs, you create a happier and better living environment. This program can especially benefit families when all members of the family use it. It helps instill a sense of gentle and compassionate responsibility in the family members and better communication between them and you pet(s).
Tags:   Affirmations , Behavior Control , Brain , Brain Wave , Brain Waves , Brainwave , pet behavior , Pets , Psychic , Psychic Ability

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