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Quttera URL Scanner 1.0.1 download by Quttera

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Description of Quttera URL Scanner
Quttera URL Scanner is a standalone utility used to investigate content of a web-site and to verify whether specified web site is safe to browse. Quttera URL Scanner utilizes patent-pending heuristic and non-signature based web threats detection technology solution. It is specially crafted to analyze and detect zero-day vulnerability exploits, malicious, suspicious and potentially unsafe JavaScript content. Quttera URL Scanner delivers real-time capabilities to recognize and detect "suspicious" web-content and thus alarm user before browsing of unsafe web-sites. Quttera URL Scanner was developed by security experts to make web-browsing safer. Quttera URL Scanner benefits Provides initial capabilities for recognition and filtering of potentially suspicious web sites Provides initial capabilities for generation and management database of suspicious URLs Detection of hidden unsafe HTML content Detection of suspicious JavaScript content Detection of malicious PDF files Detection of malicious binary content and sensible sequences of CPU instructions hidden in legitimate web content Detection of JavaScript obfuscation techniques and packers which used to hide malicious content Detection of "drive-by-download" injections hidden in the legitimate web-content Browser and OS independent investigation technology Configurable detection sensitivity rules Quttera URL Scanner Technology Key Features Web content penetration engine used to recognize suspicious HTML/JavaScript stuff PDF penetration engine used to recognize malicious and potentially unsafe PDF files X86 architecture emulator used to recognize suspicious binary content and sensible sequences of CPU instructions (shellcodes) Heuristic and self-learning shellcodes recognition filter used to increase performances of X86 architecture emulator For free and commercial support: homepage

Tags:   Antimalware , Antivirus , command-line based url scanner , Crawler , Exploit , Hacking , Scanner , shellcode , Url Scanner , Vulnerability

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