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Rotor 3D Viewer 1.2 download by Seyna Ltd.

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Description of Rotor 3D Viewer
Rotor 3D Viewer is a viewer, which quickly generates a high-quality display of your 3d models. It is one of the best easy and convenient ways of creating 3D presentations. Different viewing features, special tools, online 3D library will make your 3D experience more exciting. Rotor 3D Viewer has an easy-to-use interface and it means that everyone from beginners to professionals can effectively use this program. It is easy and fast. This program supports such popular 3D model format as 3ds. It is an open-spec format that most other 3D software applications can comply with. Probably, at this time, Rotor 3D Viewer is the most optimum medium between quality, features and price. With this viewer you can change model reflection parameters, such as: rotation and rotation speed, zoom, color, render the model in several 3D modes including solid, wireframes or colored wireframes, points or colored points. You can view your 3D model in the diffuse or specular light, show or hide world axes and wired grid. Special features help you to export meshes of 3D models, run slideshow, copy screen to clipboard quickly and explore a model in a full screen window. Tool bar with compact and intuitive active controls/indicators, file manager, and models library will make your work more comfortable.
Tags:   3d , 3d Library , 3d Models , 3d Modes , 3d Presentations , 3d Slideshow , 3d Software , 3dmax , 3ds , 3ds Viewer

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