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Smart Battery Workshop 3.2 download by SB Project

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Description of Smart Battery Workshop
"Smart Battery Workshop" is a tools, which is useful in a process of notebook battery repair. It uses Philips Standard I2C Parallel Port Adapter that can be assembled in one hour by person with no electronics skills and dose not require any hard-to-find components. Total components cost is around $1. # Smart Battery Workshop provides read-only access to all the data listed in Smart Battery DataSpecification Revision 1.1. via LPT/SMBus adapter directly from battery terminals (57 parameters). All the BitFlags are decoded into human readable clear text. # Allows user to reset Smart Battery EEPROM to its initial values (this will erase all tracks of previous battery usage) except for ManufactureDate, which will be changed to current system date. All the Permanent Failure Flags if such will be found will be cleared (this will unlock the battery if it is locked) . So user will have a "brand new" battery after repacking. Electronics skills are also not needed. All the changes are made with one button click # Allows to read and write content of EEPROM chips most frequently used in batteries. # Allows to read Battery Data from EEPROM dump file. (For supported chipsets only.) Currently supported chipsets: # BQ2040/24C01 # BQ2040/24C02 # BQ2060/24C01 # BQ2060/24C02 # BQ2063/24C01 # BQ2063/24C02 # BQ2092/24C01 # M37515/ S29L220 (SL220) # PIC16C63A/24C01 (used in COMPAQ Armada M300, E500, M700, Evo and some other models) Not SBS compliant # M37516/AK6480A (80AF) (80AM) # AS355D/S29L394A (SL394) ( IBM ThinkPad T20..23) # AS358D/S29L394A (SL394) # AS372D/S29L394A (SL394) (IBM ThinkPad R31 and other models) # M37516/S29L220 (SL220) # M37516/93C56 (Dell D600 and maybe some other models) # M37515/24C01 (IBM TP390, Acer and maybe some other models) #M37517/SL194 (Sumsung and maybe some other) #PS331/25LC040 #PS334/25LC040 #PS401 (with integrated FALSH) #PS402 (with integrated FALSH)
Tags:   Batteries , Battery , Compaq , Computer , Data , Dell , Eeprom , Eprom , Hp , I2c

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