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Description of SpamWeed - Email Spam Filter, Remover
SpamWeed - Email Spam Filter and Remover Software. Using SpamWeed means your inbox won't be full of junk email spam, Spamweed uses a Bayesian filter to detect which email is real or spam, the SpamWeed database ensures accuracy of spam detection to catch as much spam as possible. SpamWeed applies a filter to your email inbox filtering out the spam. Spamweed works with Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Eudora, Incredimail and all POP3 Email Software Programs including Hotmail and Yahoo. Spamweed is easy to setup just click along to the installation, SpamWeed detects what email program you use and automatically sets your email to be filtered by Spamweed without you having to do any configuration. SpamWeed integrates with Outlook and Outlook Express so you have no setup to do. Spamweed has a toolbar available in Outlook and Outlook Express where you can adjust options to suit your tastes. Spamweed will stop spam before delivery, you don't have to download spam email and then have them removed, SpamWeed will do it before download. Spamweed can send all the junk mail to your junk mail folder or delete it unseen, your choice. SpamWeed will never mark as spam anyone in your address book or people you email. Spamweed detects and filters email viruses reducing the risk of a virus infection. SpamWeed protects your privacy by preventing spam tracking email bugs from running on your computer, these gather information about whether you read the message and send the information back to the email author. Spamweed provides details statistics where users can see how many spams have been blocked. Spamweed has a technical support desk for any problem you may have, and solves your problems within one business day. PCPlus said SpamWeed uses statistical techniques to identify spam... Computer Shopper said SpamWeed is an intelligent and highly accurate spam filter...
Tags:   Adware , Adware Remover , Anti Virus , Email Spam Filter , Junk Email , Junk Mail , Spam Detection , Spam Email , Spam Filter , Spam Mail

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