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SQL VB ASP Code Generator 4.0.000 download by NewRAD

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Description of SQL VB ASP Code Generator
SQL VB ASP Code Generator is a powerful multi-purpose tool that lets you effortlessly generate SQL, VB and ASP Code. You can even generate an entire VB application or ASP web application, all derived from the tables in your database with just one click. No more recreating the same old SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE SQL queries and then having to string them all together in VB or ASP, and then tie in all the hooks that update the user interface. No more time wasted redundantly building the same old edit and grid list screens with all the error handling… Generate a complete or partial VB or ASP app with one click, or simply generate VB forms or .asp files for a single table. It even handles relational lookup fields and fills combo boxes with lookup field data when building edit screens in VB. For building your specific custom queries, there is a point-and-click main screen for building SQL queries manually that makes it easy. No more remembering field names, table names… and much less typing! ...and much quicker.
Tags:   Access , Asp , , Code , Coding , Copy , Creator , Database , Delete , Export

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