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Super Denoising for Mac 1.2.6 download by EffectMatrix Ltd.

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Description of Super Denoising for Mac
Anyone who takes photos will need Super Denoising. Super Denoising is an effective photo noise reduction software for Mac to remove image noise and improve image quality without disrupting crisp outlines and image colors for clearer, more natural images. Our adjustments strike a balance between these two points to deliver exceptional detail, outstanding image quality, and a distinctive, natural look. This is why serious photographers are adopting it into their workflows. Amazing Features: 1 Intelligent, world-class noise reduction technology. 2 Smartly detect and instantly remove noise of 8 different levels. 3 Despeckle JPEG Artifacts. 4 One-click to auto remove noise and maintain details, colors and textures. 5 Live previews and real-time editing. 6 Batch noise reduction - Batch reduce image noise for Mac with same reduction parameter value. 7 Photo Enhancement The Applicable Occasions of Super Denoising for Mac: 1 Smart phone, digital camera and SLR camera: effectively reduce or eliminate noise from underexposed photos. 2 Scanner and fax machine: reduce thermal noise and digital noise in high ISO. Super Denoising Makes Your Noisy Photos Look Their Best: - Perfectly improve the quality of digital photos taken at night (photos with a high ISO). - The portrait and event photos taken indoors or at dusk (especially in low light conditions) is crisp and natural-looking. - Create a digital image that can be used for printing.
Tags:   Image , Mac , Noise , Noiseware , Photo , Reduction , Remove

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