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System Restore Control 1.0 download by Camtech 2000

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Description of System Restore Control
Windows XP System Restore uses up to 12% of your disk space, creates a Restore Point every 24 hours and keeps old points for 90 days before deleting. Microsoft doesn't provide any adjustments except for the slider where you may move it below 12% but any time System Restore is stopped/started/suspended or a check point is restored it automatically moves the slider back to its default of 12%. This uses up an enormous amount of space unnecessarily that could be put to better use. After all we only need the last good Restore Point, not one that's 3 months old. System Restore Control gives you complete control over how it behaves with adjustments for; 1. Set the maximum slider value to as low as 1% 2. Change frequency of automatic Restore Points to as much as 7 days or as little as one hour 3. Change time to keep old Restore Points before deleting to as little as 7 days. Using the settings that are right for you will save Gigabytes of space.
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